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Congratulations to Blue Blur (B2), Women's League Champions!

July 30th
Team Field Time Team
Blue Blur (B2) 10 9 We Like Tighty Whiteys
Beta (Red) 15 12 Green Eggs and Hammers

(win-loss, then point differential between tied teams, head-to-head, then We Like Tighty Whiteysbetical)

Teams Win Lose Pt. Diff.
Blue Blur (B2) 2 1 +14
We Like Tighty Whiteys 2 1 +0
Beta (Red) 1 2 -2
Green Eggs and Hammers 1 2 -12

Captains, please send your scores to webmaster@vots.org.

All games at Benedict Fields.

July 9th
Team Score Score Team
Beta 6 8 Green Eggs and Hammers
We Like Tighty Whiteys 7 6 Blue Blur (B2)
July 16th
Team Score Score Team
Beta 10 5 We Like Tighty Whiteys
Green Eggs and Hammers 4 14 Blue Blur (B2)
July 23rd
Team Field Time Team
Beta 7 12 Blue Blur (B2)
Green Eggs and Hammers 10 14 We Like Tighty Whiteys
July 30th
Team Field Time Team
Blue Blur (B2) 8pm We Like Tighty Whiteys
Beta (Red) 8pm Green Eggs and Hammers

Subject to change.

If you have any questions, please contact the director, Nicole George.