VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Women's League 2008 ~ Schedule & Results

Congratulations to Blue Blur (B2), Women's League Champions!


(win-loss, then point differential between tied teams, head-to-head, then We Like alphabetical)

Teams Win  Loss Pt. Diff.
Blue Blur (B2) 2 1 +14
We Like Tighty Whiteys 2 1 +0
Beta 1 2 -2
Green Eggs and Hammers 1 2 -12

Schedule & Results

July 9th
Team Score Score Team
Beta 6 8 Green Eggs and Hammers
We Like Tighty Whiteys 7 6 Blue Blur (B2)
July 16th
Team Score Score Team
Beta 10 5 We Like Tighty Whiteys
Green Eggs and Hammers 4 14 Blue Blur (B2)

July 23rd
Team Score Score Team
Beta 7 12 Blue Blur (B2)
Green Eggs and Hammers 10 14 We Like Tighty Whiteys
July 30th
Finals & 3rd Place
Team Score Score Team
Blue Blur (B2) 10 9 We Like Tighty Whiteys
Beta 15 12 Green Eggs and Hammers

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