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Winter Competitive League 2004

last updated 2/3/04

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The Return of Herbert Spliffington
Phil Brown
Keith Aspinall
Nate Austin
Matt Baral
Jack Barnes
Emma Harty
Jeff Howland
Bart Lynch
Vince Noe
Amber Sniff
Andrew Tan
Melanie Voelker
Team Bling
Kevin Hatch
Cynthia Archer
EB Carey
Jim Heffernan
Greg Heflin
Tim Hochberg
Jeff Kellum
Ryan McDonnell
Eric Nabity
Laura Nichols
Annie Thrasher
Brad Waters
The Hebrew Hammer and the Disciples of Disc
Sam Levenberg
Joanne Aspinall
Duane Bigelow
Avi Brisman
Dan Chiang
Larry Dues
Abby Hoover
Darrel Jenerette
Liesl Pimentel
John Roach
Matthew Stoloff
Wardrobe Malfunction
Tom Polakis
Jessica Chang
Laura Dues
Robert Hahn
Gretchen Kiehlbaugh
Ken Mayer
Daryl Miller
Katherine Nabity
Jerry Rhee
Josiah Roberts
Tim Streit
Craig Suiter