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last updated 11/21/11 by K.Nabity

Fall 2011 T/Th League

Congratulations to Ka-chow, Fall League 2011 champions!

Ka-chow, Photo by Heather Colson

Semis & Finals, Photos by Stephen So
More Photos from Stephen

The VOTS Community, Photo by Quan Nguyen
More Photos from Quan

Rookie All-Star Game, Photos by Ted Bland
More Photos from Ted

Game one of pool play was played during the week on November 15th & 17th at Benedict Fields.

The remaining two games of of pool play, semis and finals were played on Saturday, November 19th at Arrendondo Sports Complex.


Aspre Pool
Triple Digit Shocker
Centripetal Force Coriolis
Disc Lightning
Bhoot Pool
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Partly Cloggy
The Sunshine Band
Make It Rain
Chinook Pool
The Isobars
Scoober Haboober
The Niņo
Dzhani Pool
Zero Visibility
It's a Dry Huck
Calm Before the Huck
Hooray for Haboobies

Playoff Schedule

Pool Round 1 will take place at regular T/Th game times during the week of November 14th.

Saturday, November 19th, schedule:

Round Start Time Soft Cap Hard Cap
Pool 2 10:20 11:45 11:55
Pool 3 12:05 1:30 1:40
Rookie All-Star Game 1:45 Field 7w Capped at 2:05
Semis 2:10 3:35 3:45
Finals 4:00 5:25 5:35

Aspre Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Ka-chow 15 8 Centripetal Force Coriolis
R Triple Digit Shocker 8 13 Disc Lightning
2 Ka-chow 15 4 Disc Lightning
2 Centripetal Force Coriolis 15 12 Triple Digit Shocker
3 Ka-chow 15 4 Triple Digit Shocker
3 Centripetal Force Coriolis W L Disc Lightning
Bhoot Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T Partly Cloggy 12 11 Make It Rain
R Earth, Wind, & Fire 13 14 The Sunshine Band
2 Earth, Wind, & Fire 12 14 Make It Rain
2 Partly Cloggy 14 10 The Sunshine Band
3 Earth, Wind, & Fire 5 15 Partly Cloggy
3 The Sunshine Band 15 11 Make It Rain
Chinook Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T The Isobars 14 11 Scoober Haboober
R Firewhirl 8 15 The Niņo
2 The Isobars 14 8 The Niņo
2 Firewhirl 15 11 Scoober Haboober
3 The Isobars 15 9 Firewhirl
3 The Niņo 9 13 Scoober Haboober
Dzhani Schedule
Team Score Score Team
T It's a Dry Huck 15 11 Hooray for Haboobies
R Zero Visibility 15 12 Calm Before the Huck
2 Zero Visibility 15 8 Hooray for Haboobies
2 It's a Dry Huck 7 13 Calm Before the Huck
3 Zero Visibility 12 10 It's a Dry Huck
3 Calm Before the Huck 12 15 Hooray for Haboobies
Team Score Score Team
S1 Ka-chow 15 9 Zero Visibility
S2 Partly Cloggy 11 12 The Isobars
Team Score Score Team
F Ka-chow 14 13 The Isobars

Playoff Rules

The same as General League Rules with the following exceptions:

  • Points:

      All games to 15, win by 2

      Semis & Finals

      • Games to 15
      • Win by 2
      • Cap at 17
    • Caps:

      For capping purposes, a point is considered to begin immediately after the preceding goal is scored.

      • Softcap at 20 minutes before end of game
        • Add two to highest score.
        • Play to the lesser of 'highest + 2' or 15.
        • First to that score wins (no need to win by 2).
      • Hard cap at 10 minutes before end of game
        • Finish the current point. The game is over unless it's a tie.
        • If the game is tied, play one more point.
      • If the lights go out before a game is officially over, the game will end immediately. If the disc is in the air when the lights go out and it is caught in the dark in the end zone for a score, it will count. In any other situation, the game will immediately end even if it is mid-point. If the game is tied, the game will be scored as a tie.

    Subject to Change.

    If you have any questions, please contact the directors.