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Spring League 2008 Part II - Fantasy Finals

Thanks to Ken Mayer for adding a little extra fun to finals by organizing Fantasy Finals.
Here's a summary from Ken:

Many thanks to all of you who came out to play Fantasy Finals last night, and to those of you who just came out to watch. A fun evening was had by all, and a profitable evening was had by a few. Congratulations to Eric Francisco, Josiah Roberts, and Louise So who split the pot with roster entries that scored a total of +10 points. Extra props go out to Josiah for his generous contribution to the Fantasy Finals staff; may you all be inspired by his fine example.

And congratulations to Fantasy All-Stars Nick Rodeck, who led all men at +4, and Megan Resch, who led all women at +2.

For those of you who like to analyze such things, the best possible score was +14. That roster would have included:

Nick Rodeck+4
Drew Saum +2
Gus Estrano +2
Vince Noe +2
Megan Resch +2
Any of Dustin Doyle, Roland Fisher,
James Braidic, Quan Nguyen, or Bob Tolar
Either Cayla Buell or Michelle Whitlock +1

See you all next season,
Ken Mayer