VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Fall League 2019 ~ Rules


We will play by the USA Ultimate's 11th Edition Rules. For specifics on these rules, you can visit USAU's Rules Page.

Please note: as an experimental rule, Contact Call is not included as a league rule.

League Specific Rules

Playoff Exceptions to these Rules

Gender Ratio

Standard gender ratio for all games is 5/2 ratio.

Offense may dictate 4/3 in any game in which EACH team meets one of these criteria:

If a team is low on men, captains can try be more accommodating, while remaining fair to both teams and all players.



Time Caps


Pull Rule

If disc lands on the playing field (or end zone)

If disc lands out (player has following options)

  1. call middle (if disc goes out the side in FRONT of the brick line) - take disc to the middle at the point where the disc last crossed the perimeter line
  2. call brick (if disc goes out anywhere BEHIND the brick line) - take the disc to the middle at the brick line (15 yards)
  3. play from the closest spot on the playing field proper (not the end zone) to where the disc last went out
    • side line if in front of the end zone
    • closest front corner if behind the end zone and went out the side
    • straight up to the line if it goes out the back

If disc lands in and ROLLS out

Game Schedule

Subject to change.