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Men's League Winter 2015, Schedule & Results

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(win-loss, point differential between tied teams, head-to-head, then alphabetical)

Men's Teams Win Lose Pt. Diff.
Weight Room 2 1 +8
Blue Team - M1 2 1 +0
White Team - M4 1 2 -2
Black Attack 1 2 -4

Games will be played at Tempe Sports Complex at 8pm

Thursday, January 8th
Cones Team Score Score Team Cones
M1 15 12 Black Attack PICKUP
Weight Room 13 14 M4 SETUP
Thursday, January 15th
Cones Team Score Score Team Cones
M1 11 15 Weight Room PICKUP
SETUP Black Attack 15 11 M4 PICKUP
Thursday, January 22nd
Cones Team Score Score Team Cones
Black Attack 10 15 Weight Room SETUP
Thursday, January, 29th
Cones Team Field Team Cones
PICKUP Black Attack 1w M4 (White)
Finals - Weight Room 1e Finals - M1 (Blue) SETUP
M1 SETUP on field 1. Black Attack PICKUP

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