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Men's League, Summer 2012, Schedule & Results

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Congratulations to Thunder Ducks, Summer League Champions!

Picture by Brendan McMaster

(win-loss, point differential between tied teams, head-to-head, then alphabetical)

Teams Win Lose Pt. Diff.
Sack in Black 3 1 +11
Blue Collar Huckers 2 2 +3 (+3)
Thunder Ducks 2 2 +5 (-1)
Red Neck Rejects 2 2 -4 (-3)
Albino Rhinos 1 3 -15

All games at Arredondo Sports Complex.
Rain Date: June 28th

Thurs. May 3rd
Team Score Score Team
Red Neck Rejects 15 10 Albino Rhinos
Blue Collar Huckers 12 11 Sack in Black
Bye: Thunder Ducks
Thurs. May 10th
Team Score Score Team
Tricky will SET UP
Thunder Ducks (TAKE DOWN) 15 14 Blue Collar Huckers
Albino Rhinos 11 15 Sack in Black
Bye: Red Neck Rejects
Thurs. May 17th
Team Score Score Team
Thunder Ducks (SET UP) 10 11 Sack in Black
Red Neck Rejects 8 12 Blue Collar Huckers
Bye: Albino Rhinos
Thurs. May 24
Team Score Score Team
Thunder Ducks 14 7 Albino Rhinos (TAKE DOWN)
Red Neck Rejects 6 13 Sack in Black
Bye: Blue Collar Huckers
Thurs. May 31
Team Score Score Team
Thunder Ducks 11 13 Red Neck Rejects
Albino Rhinos (SET UP) 14 13 Blue Collar Huckers
Bye: Sack in Black
Thurs. June 7th
Team Score Score Team
A Red Neck Rejects 11 15 Albino Rhino
B Blue Collar Huckers 13 14 Thunder Ducks
Bye: Sack in Black
Thurs. June 14th
Team Score Score Team
Studer of Red Neck Rejects will TAKE DOWN
C Sack in Black 14 13 Albino Rhino
D Red Neck Rejects 13 10 Blue Collar Huckers
Bye: Thunder Ducks
Thurs. June 21st
Studer of Red Neck Rejects will SET UP
Team Score Score Team
E Albino Rhino 15 12 Red Neck Rejects
Final Thunder Ducks 11 9 Sack in Black
Tim of Thunder Ducks will TAKE DOWN

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For more information email the League Director, Nick Rodeck.

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