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Summer Leagues 2016

Teams and Schedule for Men's League are posted.

Games are at TSC at 8pm. Everyone needs to bring white AND dark shirts (in your team color if possible).

Update from Tim, 5/28/2016:

The coed portion of league will start soon.

All women will be on a Tues team and a Thurs team.

Most men will be on one or the other, but the men who signed up latest will not be able to play coed. (You will get email soon).

There will be six games. June 7,14,21, the two TUES teams will play each other three times. Different teams will be set for June 23, 30 and July 7, and these two THURS teams will play each other three times.

Spring League 2016

Congratulations to Throbi-Wan Kengodeep, Spring League 2016 Champions!

Throbi-Wan Kengodeep team picture
Throbi-Wan Kengodeep, picture by Stephen So

More pictures by Stephen So: Regular Season | Playoffs

Questions? Email LD Ted Bland

Club Happenings

Mixed ~ Coconino Classic

alt text

Rubix Ultimate would like to invite and welcome Club Mixed teams to the first-ever Coconino Classic, Aug 13-14, to be held in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ.

We are excited to host 8 registered Club Mixed teams for this SANCTIONED tournament. Flagstaff weather, far from the AZ desert, is typically in the high 70s at elevation around mid-August...perfect way to gear up for the series. Bid fee will be $350. This event will also be used to raise money for Ultimate Peace. We hope teams across the country will join us for green grass, local food, and local spirit.

For details, please visit Coconino Classic at USA Ultimate

Open/Men's ~ Sprawl/Brawl

Updated 5/9/2016

Sprawl leadership is making it a priority this year help build Brawl as a true developmental team for ultimate in Arizona. Early season practices will be mixed Brawl & Sprawl as everyone learns the same system.

The goal for Brawl for these first practices will be to solidify the interested roster, choose leadership, and plan for the season (i.e. tournament attendance). There will be no cuts (unless the roster exceeds the allowed 27), but the goal is to have a committed core of players who regularly attend practice and tournaments.

If you are interested in playing Brawl this summer, please attend as many of the upcoming practices as possible.

...Continue for Sprawl/Brawl Practice Schedule

Contact: Brett Carr

Find out more about club teams in the Valley

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Below is a calendar of VOTS events including locations and times for open play. Just click on the entry for details! If you'd like to get a game going in your area, or have an Ultimate event to be added to the calendar, contact VOTS.

Past VOTS Events

Spring 2016 ~ Finals Challenge

Uhaul of donations
The Uhaul of Donations, picture by Ted Bland

From LD Ted Bland:

Dear Ultimate Players of the VOTS Community,

I want to thank you all for another great season, and for your generosity in donating to Child Crisis Arizona. It is a privilege to be surrounded by friends twice a week that support you back. I had a lot of fun with the VOTS WARS theme--I hope you did too. In total, the following items were donated to support children in shelters and foster families:

2,849 diapers,
354 pair of socks,
281 assorted shirts,
47 boys undershirts,
39 pair of underwear,
30 assorted pairs of shorts,
21 assorted baby items (onesies, baby shoes, blankets),
21 pairs of jeans,
14 pairs of pajamas,
6 girls dresses,
4 girls skirts,
3 assorted boys/girls swimsuits, and...
...1 pair of little girl's shoes

Congratulations to Throwba Fett for your massive donations, and special thanks also to The Force Abreakens and Nerd Alert! for their considerable donations as well.

More details about the Finals Challenge

Throwba and the Death Star
Throwba Fett and their prize: the Death Star, picture by Ted Bland

A/B Winter League 2016

Congratulations to
The A-Team and Saved by the Hammer
A and B Division Winter 2016 Champions!

It was a good day to wear blue on a hot February afternoon. Both divisions' blue teams won out. Saved by the Hammer beat 007th Period in the B Division, and The A-Team defeat Jaundice in the A Divion.

A-Team team picture
The A-Team, photo by Stephen So

Saved by the Hammer team picture
Saved by the Hammer, photo by Stephen So

See more of Stephen's photos from AB Winter League

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