VOTS Spring 2018, photo by Quan Nguyen

Fall League 2008 ~ VOTS-o-ween!

Tuesday 6 O'Clock Games

photos courtesy Ted Bland

Obert, on an ostrich, costume
Is the Obird laying an egg?

players costumed as a fire fighter and baseball player
While Josh and Ebay were shinier, it was Ted as Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn that won the 6pm contest.
players costumed as a pirate and construction worker
Also pictured, not looking at the camera, are organizers Jose and Katherine.

Obert on an ostrich
Obert played points on his ostrich.
Ted, the winner of the contest
Ted used his glove and Ebay sprayed the fields with toxic mists.

Tuesday 8 O'Clock Games

photos courtesy Ted Bland

group shot of 8pm participants
8pm participation was much larger.
continued group shot
still more of this group shot
Much larger.

ultimate disc player in a dress
Neither Alex in his dress...
three ultimate players in Jedi robes
Nor Bret and his fellow Jedi...

the team Black Mamba as the Deadly Viper Assassination Squard

Nor Nate and the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad...

ultimate player in costume
Could beat Salina "Straight off the Rez."

Thursday @ Diablo

photos courtesy Marisa Jang

The team, Wii Huck, in costume.
Wii Huck with winners Sonic (Nick) and Tails (Lisa).

Team, Swinging Huckers, in costume.
Swinging Huckers revealed their new secret weapon...
Ultimate player as Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps! Okay, it's realy Dustin, but he's fast too. Shown here with the lovely, Marisa.

Team, Blu Goo, in Scottish costumes
Tim does Mel Gibson proud...
...leading Blu Goo in woads and kilts.

ultimate player in costume
ultimate player in costume
ultimate player in costume

Rounding out the rogues' gallery at Diablo.

Thursday @ Scottsdale Sports Complex

photos courtesy Nate Johnson

ultimate players in costume
A nun, the Devil and Michael Phelps walk into a bar...
several costume judges deliberating
But seriously, it was a tough decision for the judges...

costume finalists
...with a group like this.
So they did what any group of judges would do. They put them on the catwalk.

ultimate player as a banana
The banana (who *is* that banana?) and
ultimate player as Batgirl
Batgirl (the secret identity of Marlena) worked the catwalk.

another player as Michael Phelps
another player as Michael Phelps

But even Vince, as an even faster Michael Phelps, couldn't beat the Flying Nun.

ultimate player as the Flying Nun
Pat laid out on the catwalk, securing the judges votes.
Unfortuntely, there's no documentation of the event, leaving it as only a myth to those who did not witness it.